pandora’s box

Finding and making new friends is rejuvenating.  Besides the fact that you have new people to make plans and go on adventures with, all of your stories are brand new again!  You don’t have to worry about repeating yourself, you can count on some laughs, and the shock factor from the more turbulent stories is still extra satisfying.

What I didn’t realize until recently is how meeting new people can dig up feelings in the past.  I’d like to say that I’m pretty proud of how in touch with my emotions I am (too much at times lol you should see my ‘angsty vibes’ playlist), but opening up with others has brought old feelings associated with peoples, places, and stories to rise back to the surface again.  I don’t mean to say that it’s a bad thing!  There’s nothing I love more than reminiscing about the stupid things my friends and I have done or said, but the other stuff is a little touchier to approach.  It’s humbling to think that something you thought was perfectly compartmentalized and #overcame may not be completely off the drawing table.

WHICH IS OKAY!  I’m finally figuring out (and figuring out is probably exaggerated) that for some issues, lessons, habits–change is a lifelong process.  We shouldn’t expect ourselves to come back from an experience or meaningful conversations and change overnight, though I know the pressure to do so is great.

So here’s to knowing that we all have a shit ton of issues (though if you think you don’t pls share your secrets with me)–owning them–and living better lives because of them.



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